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Sell More, Know More


Sell More, Know More

We make your customers happier.

We help retail building products dealers convert more shoppers into customers. We've built easy to use cloud based sales management software designed specifically to help retail businesses provide a better customer experience. We focus only on what helps businesses turn more prospective customers into paying customers by making the most of every interaction. In addition to bringing new technologies to market, our team has a great deal of experience across a number of industries, including both manufacturing and distribution in addition to retail.

About us

We're a different kind of software company. We sell lead generation and lead management systems tailored for retail sales.

We started our business selling high quality leads. Almost everyone we spoke with had neither a process nor a platform to manage their leads well. Why does this matter? Close rate is 57% lead quality 43% lead management - meaning your sales process determines whether or not the sale closes 43% of the time.

In short, garbage in = garbage out. We don't even discuss leadgen with customers who don't have lead management of some sort.

The sales process needs to be solid and the right systems need to be in place to succeed. A lot of CRM (customer relationship management) systems claim they’re built for retail or business to consumer sales. Oddly, most of them are frustrating to use in a retail showroom setting. Because you only get out of a system what you put in, most people don’t even bother using them.

Modern consumers - largely made up of milennials, who represent 34% of home buyers - are educated and not only expect quality service, they demand it. If they don't get it, they simply move on to the next vendor. When you’ve got customers who expect answers, you don’t need to be focused on how to properly classify them and find them in your CRM system. You need to be managing your interactions effectively to get them the answers they need so you can sell them the right product for their needs.

Improving the customer buying experience will deliver a greater ROI than more leads ever could.


Our team has experience in all three key points of the supply chain: manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Most importantly, we have experience selling to modern consumers.

Chase Shiels
Extensive experience in online commerce, marketing, sales and lead management.
Managed over 150 new leads per month – retail automotive (lived on the showroom floor)
Over seven years of experience in forest products distribution & manufacturing – from top to bottom
Experience in implementing new technology into both manufacturing & distribution operations.
B.A., Economics

If you’d like to speak with Chase directly;
Phone (513) 580-7267

Joakim Stensson
Extensive entrepreneurial experience – running client advisory businesses as well as online ventures.
Former Director of Digital for MOD (More Organ Donation) Sweden.
Former head of Digital Media at Nowa – media relations, project management, digital strategy.
Former founder and president of one of Scandinavia's largest online entertainment magazines.
Over a decade of experience in marketing, both on buy and sell side.

If you’d like to speak with Joakim directly;
Phone (513) 580-7689

Dan Shiels
40 years experience in forest products – lumber distribution and manufacturing.
Responsibilities included management, operations, sales, finance, supply chain.

Boards served on:
The Beechwood Home
Ohio Lumber Association Insurance Trust (Before BMSA)
North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA)
Cincinnati Lumbermen’s Club
If you’d like to speak with Dan directly;
Phone (513) 673-7596

Kyle Cheslock
Kyle Cheslock is a startup and sales enthusiast having spent the last seven years working his way up from knocking on doors in the telecommunications industry to selling real estate (2007-2010, what a great time!) to holding various sales positions within the startup community. Growing up in a small farm community enabled him to understand two things in life; there are no shortcuts to get where you want to go and do what your passionate about. These two philosophies have endeared Kyle to the startup community, where he was a first 100 employee and helped develop/grow annual bookings from 5m to 15m at a startup that recently sold for $108 million.

If you’d like to speak with Kyle directly;
Phone (419) 305-1900

Wes Dillingham
Wes is a seasoned veteran at driving growth and engagement through strong customer relationships, training and change management strategies with world renown brands such as Charles Schwab, Starbucks, RE/MAX, and Zillow.

Most Recently, Wes was the Director of Strategic Success for Dotloop, the SaaS, real estate related transaction management platform which was purchased by Zillow for $108M in August of 2014. His team was responsible for project implementation, account management and partnership growth for over 60 enterprise level partnerships accounting for 60,000+ users and a third of Dotloop’s revenue. His team doubled user engagement in 2 years and had a 99% retention rate.

Wes has a B.S. in Management from Purdue University and over 20 years of business (sales, marketing, account management, customer service, etc.) experience.

If you’d like to speak with Wes directly;
Phone (513) 609-4244

Board of Advisors Close

Eric Marsland
Biography coming soon

Kevin Brown
Biography coming soon

Robert Conger
Robert has over 40 years of experience in the forest products industry and is the Managing Partner of Conger Enterprises, LLC. Most recently he served as the President of Eastern Hardwoods (a division of Northwest Hardwoods Inc.), a manufacturer of Appalachian hardwood lumber with five locations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Prior to running Eastern, he served as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Coastal Lumber Company for almost thirty years where he oversaw all domestic & international sales efforts for Coastal’s 19 sawmills in the Eastern United States. Robert spent his first year as a college graduate working for Ramax Machinery Company. He holds a B.S. from North Carolina State University and resides in North Carolina with his wife Sue and their four children.

Will Stevenson
Will has worked exclusively in the startup space for the past 6 years. His passion lies in solving challenging scale problems, quickly and sustainably. Today he works with a handful of B2B SaaS companies in the midwest.

Will has lead operations at companies like dotloop, Ahalogy and Ambassador. He’s scaled companies from 10 employees to 150 employees, supported user growth from 1,000 to 17 million and streamlined processes to grow bookings by 200% month over month. He has been with his soon-to-be wife for 7 years and is a Cincinnati native.

Woody Taft
Biography coming soon

Zach Taylor
The head of business development for London based marketing SaaS company idio, Zach has extensive experience scaling out start ups. He also currently provides sales and marketing consulting and advisory services to startup, early stage, and small-to-medium size B2B companies. Prior to joining idio, Zach built out the sales team for dotloop, a real estate transaction software platform. His efforts there resulted in growth from 1 sales rep to over 35 reps, with revenue exceeding $200,000 per month. He also built out inside sales team for B2B business development across a number of industries for Cincinnati based RDI, a corporate outsourcing firm. As a new college grad, Zach dove right into real estate – negotiating short sales for an investment group in the midst of the recession. Zach was born and raised in Cincinnati, and is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.


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