Sell & Market More Effectively

There’s no denying the fact that sales is becoming increasingly data-driven. Consumers are more educated, and they’re shopping how and when they want – it’s no longer a matter of simply waiting for someone to walk in the showroom. Understanding the processes and methods which maximize every interaction with each potential customer helps businesses grow and improve.

How many leads were sent, how many closed, what is the average response time for sales reps? How many contacts do reps make per closed sale? This information is invaluable for any organization that seeks to improve and grow. Whether it’s learn more about modifying the sales process or quickly adapting marketing and sales programs to drive more traffic to the showroom, our products can help.

Actionable Data in Real Time

For enterprise clients, both of our products provide valuable insight into consumer behavior as well as vital insights into the sales process. Where manufacturers have had trouble with having visibility into the retail process, we’re able to help provide them with knowledge they previously had trouble obtaining. Alone or combined, our products provide an incredibly powerful intelligence platform for both sales and marketing teams alike. It’s now possible to calibrate your efforts and funding on the fly as consumer and sales data is put into the system.